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The State Of Food Security And Nutrition In The World (SOFI) 2022

The State Of Food Security And Nutrition In The World (SOFI) 2022:


FAO, International Fund for Agriculture Development, UNICEF, UN world food Programme and WHO have jointly released SOFI 2022.


On Global Level:

  • The world is moving further away from its goal of ending hunger (SDG 2: No Hunger), food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms by 2030. (over 800 million were affected by hunger in 2021)
  • Over 8% will still face hunger by 2030 even if the global economic recovery is taken into consideration.
  • The gender gap in food insecurity is rising: It has continued to rise in 2021 — 31.9 per cent of women in the world were moderately or severely food insecure, compared with 27.6 per cent of men.
  • Major reasons are Conflict, supply chain disruption, climate extremes, Disasters, growing inequalities and slow economic recovery after the pandemic.

On India:

  • India has high undernourishment (about 16% of the population), wasting (about 17%), stunting (about 31%) and low exclusive breastfeeding practice (only 58%)