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Voice Of The Global South Summit

Voice Of The Global South Summit:

India recently concluded its second ‘Voice of the Global South Summit’ (VOGSS), held virtually.

  • This summit follows the inaugural summit in January 2023, signaling India’s commitment to fostering solidarity among nations and consolidating its leadership in the Global South.
  • Themes: The inaugural session centered around ‘Together, for Everyone’s Growth, with Everyone’s Trust’, while the concluding session emphasized ‘Global South: Together for One Future.’
  • Objectives of the Summit: Disseminating outcomes of the G20 summit hosted by India and ensuring sustained momentum for effective implementation of G20 decisions, with a specific focus on the interests of developing countries.
  • Indian PM inaugurated this initiative, aimed at fostering collaboration among developing nations by serving as a knowledge repository and think tank.
  • Ministerial sessions delved into a wide array of topics, including Sustainable Development Goals, energy transition, climate finance, digital transformation, women-led development, counter-terrorism, and global institution reforms.
  • India articulated deep concern regarding the plight of civilians affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • He emphasized the urgent need for all involved parties to exercise restraint, prioritize the safety of innocent civilians, and work towards de-escalation.
  • 5 ‘Cs’ for Global South: India also called for 5 ‘Cs’ for the Global South: consultation, cooperation, communication, creativity and capacity building.