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Ghol Fish : Declared As Gujrat State Fish

Ghol Fish : Declared As Gujrat State Fish

Gujarat recently declared the black-spotted croaker(Protonibea Diacanthus), locally known as the Ghol fish, as the state fish.

  • The decision was based on various factors, emphasizing its uniqueness, economic value, and the need for conservation.

Ghol Fish:

  • The ghol fish is primarily found in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Its habitat spans from the Persian Gulf to the expansive waters of the Pacific Ocean.
  • The ghol fish has a substantial market demand in China and other Asian countries.
  • Ghol fish is also known as ‘Sea Gold’ for its high market value.
  • Its meat is exported to European and Middle-Eastern countries, while the dried air bladder is in high demand, especially in China.
  • A kilogram of ghol can fetch between Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 in Gujarat.
  • The dried air bladder, considered the costliest part, can reach amounts as high as Rs 25,000 a kilogram in the export market.
  • Good for eye health and helps in maintaining eyesight.
  • Prevent ageing and wrinkles, the collagen content in the ghol fish prevents wrinkles and also keeps the elasticity of the skin intact.
  • Omega-3 content in ghol fish improves the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of infants if fed on a regular basis – it stimulates the growth of brain cells.
  • Conservation:
    • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List: Near Threatened.