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What Is DuroKea Series?

What Is DuroKea Series?

Union Minister of Education launched the “World 1st affordable and long-lasting hygiene product DuroKea Series”, developed by IIT Hyderabad researchers.

  • They have developed innovative DuroKea long-lasting technologies to combat the COVID-19 virus spreading.
  • This next-generation DuroKea antimicrobial technology starts at Rs. 189, kills 99.99% of germs instantly and leaves behind the long-lasting protective nanoscale coating up to 35 days till the next wash.
  • The unique property of the DuroKea range is to ensure instant killing (within 60 sec) and prolonged protection which is an immense necessity during this current pandemic situation.
  • This revolutionary antimicrobial property of DuroKea products has been tested and certified by an Indian Government accredited lab and field-tested at the IIT Hyderabad campus.

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