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What is Negative Ion Technology?

Negative Ion Technology:

The Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS), Netherlands issued a statement identifying various negative ion wearable products containing more Radioactivity than legally permitted.

  • Negative ion technology embeds negative ions in personal products and is currently being advertised as a means to maintain health, balance energy, and improve well-being.
  • This technology is used in certain silicone wristbands, quantum or scalar-energy pendants, and kinesthesiology tape.
  • Negative ions are also made when sunlight, radiation, air, or water break down oxygen.
  • The minerals that produce these negative ions often include naturally occurring radioactive substances such as uranium and thorium.
  • It is believed that negative ions create positive vibes and uplift the mood.
  • They show the various mental and physical health benefits, such as stress reduction, better sleeping, respiration etc. whereas these ions may also act on pollutants, make them negatively charged and get them collected on surfaces.