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TTPs-Based Cybercrime Investigation Framework

TTPs-Based Cybercrime Investigation Framework: IIT Kanpur recently developed a TTPs-based cybercrime investigation framework. TTPs stands for Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. It is the term used by cybersecurity professionals to describe the behaviours, processes, actions, and strategies used by a threat actor to develop threats and engage in cyberattacks. TTPs-based Cybercrime Investigation Framework: It is a […]

Critical Raw Materials Act

Critical Raw Materials Act: The European Union Parliament recently voted in favour of the Critical Raw Materials Act. Critical raw materials (CRMs) are raw materials of high economic importance for the EU, with a high risk of supply disruption due to their concentration of sources and lack of good, affordable substitutes. The CRM Act identifies […]

Samudra Prahari : Indian Coast Guard Ship

Samudra Prahari : Indian Coast Guard Ship The Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Samudra Prahari is presently deployed on an overseas mission encompassing ASEAN nations. Samudra Prahari is an Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) specially designed for pollution control. It is the first pollution control vessel of its kind in Southeast Asia. It is equipped […]

NavIC : Mandatory For Smartphones

NavIC : Mandatory For Smartphones The Indian government has announced its intention to make it mandatory for smartphones to integrate with India’s homegrown navigation system, NavIC The devices must either provide support for NavIC-powered chips or use NavIC chipsets. For 5G phones, mandatory NavIC support is required by January 1, 2025, while all other phones […]