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Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

Indo-Pacific Economic Framework: Indo-Pacific Economic framework (IPEF) ministerial summit concludes. IPEF is the US-led economic grouping of 14 countries in the Indo-Pacific region, intended to counter Chinese aggressive and non-transparent trade and economic policies. Members: Four QUAD countries, South Korea, New Zealand, Fiji and seven out of the ASEAN members The IPEF framework has four […]

Zero-Emission Vehicle Transition Council (ZEVTC)

Zero-Emission Vehicle Transition Council (ZEVTC): Niti Aayog led India into the 4th ministerial dialogue of the ZEVTC. ZEVTC is a global forum (formed in 2020) to accelerate the pace of the global transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) Cars, vans, buses, and trucks account for 21% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) can reduce […]

Kushiyara River Treaty Between India And Bangladesh

Kushiyara River Treaty Between India And Bangladesh: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on sharing of the waters of the Kushiyara river which flows through Assam, and then on to Bangladesh. Under the agreement, Bangladesh will be able to withdraw 153 cubic feet per second of water from the Kushiyara which will solve the […]

Serious Frauds Investigation Office

Serious Frauds Investigation Office: The Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO) has arrested the alleged mastermind of a widespread racket involving the setting up of shell companies with Chinese links and supply of dummy directors. SFIO was assigned by the government to investigate Jillian Consultants India Pvt Ltd and 32 other companies. SFIO is a multi-disciplinary […]

World’s First Fleet Of Fully Hydrogen-Powered Trains : Germany

World’s First Fleet Of Fully Hydrogen-Powered Trains : Germany Germany launched the world’s first fleet of fully hydrogen-powered trains, these are emissions-free trains that can reach speeds of 140 kilometres per hour and can run about 1,000 km before the tank runs dry. Hydrogen fuel cells are a clean, reliable, quiet, and efficient source of […]

National Defense MSME Conclave And Exhibition

National Defense MSME Conclave And Exhibition: Defense Conclave and Exhibition is being organized for the first time in Rajasthan. The two-day National Defense MSME Conclave and Exhibition began in Kota, Rajasthan. Defense equipment including T-90 and BMP-2 tanks, artillery guns, various types of sniper and machine guns and military bridges are being displayed in the […]