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Large Ceremonial Chariot Discovered in Pompeii

Pompeii: Archaeologists working at Pompeii have announced the discovery of a large ceremonial chariot, found with four wheels, it’s iron components, bronze and tin decorations, mineralized wood remains, and imprints of organic materials. It is likely that the chariot was used as a transport vehicle by Roman elites during various ceremonies. This is an exceptional […]

Who was Mannathu Padmanabhan?

Mannathu Padmanabhan: The Prime Minister paid tributes to Mannathu Padmanabhan on his Punya Tithi (Death Anniversary). Who was Mannathu Padmanabhan? He was an Indian social reformer and freedom fighter from the south-western state of Kerala. He was born on 2nd January 1878 in Perunna, Kottayam district of Kerala. Sardar K M Panicker called him ‘Madan […]

When did Vijayanagar Raja Krishnadevaraya Died?

Vijayanagar King Krishnadevaraya Death: The first-ever epigraphical reference (an inscription) to the date of death of Vijayanagar king Krishnadevaraya has been discovered at Honnenahalli in the Tumakuru district, Karnataka. Normally, the death of kings was not recorded in the inscriptions and this was one of those rare records. Findings: As per the inscription, Krishnadevaraya, one […]

Who was Maharaja Suheldev?

Maharaja Suheldev: The Prime Minister has laid the foundation stone of a Maharaja Suheldev memorial and the development work of Chittaura lake in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district. About Maharaja Suheldev: He was the erstwhile ruler of Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) Bahraich district, who ruled in the 11th century. He is known in history for […]

Jerenga Pothar And Dhekiajuli Town : Importance

Jerenga Pothar And Dhekiajuli Town: The Prime Minister visited two significant historical places in Assam. The first was Sivasagar’s Jerenga Pothar, where 17th-century Ahom Princess Joymoti sacrificed her life. The second was Dhekiajuli town, associated with the Quit India Movement of 1942. Jerenga Pothar: Jerenga Pothar, an open field in Sivasagar town, is popularly connected […]

100 Years Of The Chauri Chaura Incident : A Postage Stamp Was Released

Centenary Of The Chauri Chaura Incident: On the occasion of the centenary of the Chauri Chaura incident, a postage stamp was released by the Prime Minister. Chauri Chaura is a town in the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. On 4th February 1922, this town witnessed a violent incident – a large crowd of peasants set […]

Chauri Chaura Centenary Celebrations – Uttar Pradesh

Chauri Chaura Centenary Celebrations: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Chauri Chaura Centenary Celebrations at Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, on 4th February 2021. The day marks 100 years of the ‘Chauri Chaura’ incident, a landmark event in the country’s fight for independence. The Chauri Chaura incident took place on 4 February 1922 at […]

125th Anniversary Celebrations of Prabuddha Bharata

Prabuddha Bharata: Prime Minister Modi will address the 125th-anniversary celebrations of ‘Prabuddha Bharata’, on 31st January 2021. The event is being organized by Advaita Ashrama, Mayavati. ‘Prabuddha Bharata’ is a monthly journal of the Ramakrishna Order, started by Swami Vivekananda in 1896. The journal ‘Prabuddha Bharata’ has been an important medium for spreading the message […]

Patharughat 1894 Peasant Protest : Keypoints

Patharughat: Twenty-five years before the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre, more than a hundred peasants fell to the bullets of the British on January 28, 1894 in Patharughat, a small village in Assam’s Darrang district. The unarmed peasants were protesting against the increase in land revenue levied by the colonial administration, when the military opened fire. On […]

Govind Ballabh Pant Statue to be Unveiled – Keypoints

Govind Ballabh Pant: A statue of freedom fighter Govind Ballabh Pant that was removed from the Parliament premises recently would be unveiled at its new location, a roundabout opposite Gurdwara Rakab Ganj on Pandit Pant Marg in Delhi. Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant (1887 – 1961) was a lawyer, an Indian freedom fighter and one of […]