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Who was Jyotirao Phule?

Jyotirao Phule: He was born on April 11, 1827, and his birth anniversary is celebrated as Jyotiba Phule Jayanti every year. Born in 1827 in Satara district of Maharashtra. Phule was given the title of Mahatma on May 11, 1888, by Vithalrao Krishnaji Vandekar, a Maharashtrian social activist. Social reforms and key contributions: His work […]

Who Was Babu Jagjivan Ram?

Babu Jagjivan Ram 113th birth anniversary.: The Prime Minister paid tributes to freedom fighters and former Deputy Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram on his 113th birth anniversary. Jagjivan Ram, popularly known as Babuji, was a national leader, a freedom fighter, a crusader of social justice, a champion of depressed classes, and an outstanding Parliamentarian. Jagjivan […]

Odia Adikabi Sarala Das’s 600th Birth Anniversary

Odia Adikabi Sarala Das’s 600th Birth Anniversary: The Vice President addressed Odia Adikabi Sarala Das’s 600th birth anniversary function in Cuttack. Sarala Das was one of the great scholars of Odia literature. He was the first scholar who wrote his works in Odia in 15th century A.D. Best known for three Odia books, Mahabharata, Vilanka […]

Who was Sivakumara Swamigalu?

Sivakumara Swamigalu: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has bowed to Sree Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamigalu on his Jayanti. Shivakumara Swamigalu (1907 – 2019) was an Indian spiritual leader. He was a Lingayat religious figure and head of the Siddaganga Matha in Karnataka. He was described as the most esteemed adherent of Lingayatism. Educationist: He founded the […]

Who was Guru Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair?

Guru Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair: Guru Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair, a recipient of Padma Shri, died at the age of 104. Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair, also known as Guru Chemancheri (1916 – 2021) was a noted Indian Kathakali actor. Kathakali is a major form of classical Indian dance from Kerala. He also played a significant role in making […]

Who was Lachit Borphukan?

Lachit Borphukan: Opposition parties in poll-bound Assam slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for referring to 17th-century Ahom general Lachit Borphukan as a freedom fighter. Lachit Borphukan (1622 – 1672) was a commander and Borphukan (Phu-Kon-Lung) in the Ahom kingdom, located in present-day Assam. He is known for his leadership in the 1671 Battle of Saraighat […]

Swami Chidbhavanandaji’s Bhagavad Gita

Swami Chidbhavanandaji’s Bhagavad Gita: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Kindle version of Swami Chidbhavanandaji’s Bhagavad Gita. Swami Chidbhavananda (1898 – 1985) was the founder of Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam Ashram at Thirupparaithurai, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu. He authored 186 books and all genres of literary composition. His scholarly work on the Gita is one of the […]

Who was Udupi Ramachandra Rao? India’s Satellite Man

Udupi Ramachandra Rao: Google is celebrating the 89th birthday of renowned Indian professor and scientist Udupi Ramachandra Rao, remembered by many as “India’s Satellite Man.” The doodle features a sketch of Professor Rao with a background of the Earth and shooting stars. Udupi Ramachandra Rao (1932 – 2017) was an Indian space scientist and chairman […]

Vijay Sampla : Chairman Of The National Commission For Scheduled Castes

Chairman Of The National Commission For Scheduled Castes (NCSC): Vijay Sampla has been appointed as the chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC). NCSC is a constitutional body that works to safeguard the interests of the scheduled castes (SC) in India. Article 338 of the constitution of India deals with this commission It […]