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Google Deepmind has unveiled the third major version of its “AlphaFold” artificial intelligence model, designed to help scientists design drugs and target disease more effectively.

  • AlphaFold3 is a new AI model developed by Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs.
  • It is a revolutionary model that can predict the structure and interactions of all life’s molecules with unprecedented accuracy and even it mapped the behaviour for all of life’s molecules, including human DNA.
  • It can generate molecules joint 3D structure, revealing how they all fit together.
  • It models large biomolecules such as proteins, DNA and RNA, as well as small molecules, also known as ligands — a category encompassing many drugs.
  • AlphaFold 3 can model chemical modifications to these molecules which control the healthy functioning of cells, that when disrupted can lead to disease.
  • It assembles its predictions using a diffusion network, akin to those found in AI image generators.