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Beginning Of Anthropocene epoch : Evidence

Beginning Of Anthropocene epoch : Evidence

Geologists recently said sediments at Crawford Lake in Canada’s Ontario have provided evidence of the beginning of the Anthropocene epoch.

  • Anthropocene epoch is a proposed epoch that denotes the present geological time interval, in which the Earth’s ecosystem has gone through radical changes due to human impact.
  • The word Anthropocene is derived from the Greek words anthropo, for “man,” and cene for “new,” coined and made popular by biologist Eugene Stormer and chemist Paul Crutzen in 2000.
  • There are numerous phenomena associated with this proposed epoch, such as global warming, sea-level rise, ocean acidification, mass-scale soil erosion, the advent of deadly heat waves, deterioration of the biosphere and other detrimental changes in the environment.

Geological Time Scale:

  • Earth’s history is divided into a hierarchical series of smaller chunks of time, referred to as the geologic time scale.
  • These divisions, in descending length of time, are called eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages.
  • These units are classified based on Earth’s rock layers, or strata, and the fossils found within them.
  • From examining these fossils, scientists know that certain organisms are characteristic of certain parts of the geologic record.
  • The study of this correlation is called stratigraphy.
  • Current Epoch: Officially, the current epoch is called the Holocene, which began 11,700 years ago after the last major ice age.