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Cabinet Has Cleared The Way For The Auction Of The 5G spectrum

Cabinet Has Cleared The Way For The Auction Of The 5G spectrum:


The auction and steps outlined for bidding would open up newer avenues for deeper penetration, access and rich user experience.

  • Operators would have the flexibility to surrender the spectrum after 10 years without any liabilities.
  • Wide availability of spectrum across all bands will help potential bidders to opt for spectrum bands and quantum as per their strategy.
  • Captive networks would drive digital transformation, augment industry efficiencies and lead to greater economic benefits.
  • Auction of the millimetre-waveband, would not only help unlock the ‘true’ potential of 5G but would also help strategically manage costs for the operators.
  • A spectrum auction is a process whereby a government uses an auction system to sell the rights to transmit signals over specific bands of the electromagnetic spectrum and to assign scarce spectrum resources.

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