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Crime In India

Crime In India:

India reported over 50,000 cases in 2021

  • Maximum from Telangana, UP, Karnataka and MH.
  • Overall crime in India increased by 7.6% (seven point six).
  • The increase in violent crimes and suicides in 2021 point to the indirect consequences of the pandemic
  • Death due to suicide in 2021 — 12 per one lakh people was the highest in the last five years.
  • Crime against children passes pre-pandemic level (2021 reported 49 lakh (one point four nine) such cases)
  • Death due to road accidents increased by 14.3% ( fourteen point three)


  • Launched in 2020, It is the central government’s online platform meant to share information and coordinate action among law enforcement agencies on serious criminal incidents, including human trafficking.
  • Several states have not updated and reported zero alerts on the Cri-Mac
  • It is run by NCRB