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Database Of Genomic Variants Of Oral Cancer

World’s First Database Of Genomic Variants Of Oral Cancer:

DBT-National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG), Kalyani has created world’s first database of genomic variants of oral cancer. NIBMG has made this database publicly-accessible.

  • dbGENVOC is a browsable online database of GENomic Variants of Oral Cancer and is a free resource.
  • First release of dbGENVOC contains
    • ~24 million somatic and germline variants derived from whole exome sequences of 100 Indian oral cancer patients and whole genome sequences of 5 oral cancer patients from India,
    • somatic variation data from 220 patient samples drawn from the USA and analyzed by TCGA-HNSCC project and
    • manually curated variation data of 118 patients from recently published peer-reviewed publications.
  • Oral cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among men in India, largely fuelled by tobacco-chewing. Tobacco-chewing causes changes in the genetic material of cells in the oral cavity. These changes (mutations) precipitate oral cancer.


  • The National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG) has been established as an autonomous institution by the Government of India, under the aegis of the Department of Biotechnology.
  • This is the first institution in India explicitly devoted to research, training, translation & service and capacity-building in Biomedical Genomics.
  • It is located in Kalyani, West Bengal, India, near Kolkata.