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E-Ink Displays

E-Ink Displays:

With Paper-like screens, E-Ink displays like the Kindle are a pleasure to read on.

  • E-Ink displays are a special type of screen technology often used in e-readers like the Amazon Kindle.
  • The technology was originally developed in the 1990s at MIT and is now owned by E Ink Corporation.
  • The screens work using tiny microcapsules filled with positively charged white particles and negatively charged black ones suspended in fluid inside the display.
  • By applying positive or negative electrical charges to different areas of the screen, the white or black particles can be made to rise to the surface, creating the text and images on the display.
  • Unlike LCD and LED displays that use a backlight, E Ink displays reflect light just like paper.
  • This makes them easier on the eyes for long reading sessions.
  • They also require very little power since they don’t need a backlight and only use energy when the image changes.
  • The lack of backlighting also means that they are easier to read under brighter lighting conditions, which isn’t the case with LCD/LED displays at all legibility actually takes a hit under bright sunlight.