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India is preparing to auction off about 72 Ghz of airwaves to rollout 5G services in the country. However, the infrastructure needed for such a rollout requires existing radio towers to be connected via optical-fibre cables.

  • The process of connecting radio towers with each other via optical fibre cables is called fiberisation.
  • It helps provide full utilisation of network capacity, and carry large amounts of data once 5G services are rolled out.
  • It will also aid in providing additional bandwidth and stronger backhaul support.
  • The backhaul is a component of the larger transport that is responsible for carrying data across the network.
  • It represents the part of the network that connects the core of the network to the edge.
  • As a result, fibre backhaul remains an important part of transport across all telecoms.
  • Fibre-based media, commonly called optical media, provides almost infinite bandwidth and coverage, low latency and high insulation from interference.