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Hume AI

Hume AI:

A New York-based research lab and technology company Hume, has introduced what can be called the ‘first conversational AI with emotional intelligence’.

  • Hume AI is the world’s first emotionally intelligent voice AI.
  • It accepts live audio input and returns both generated audio and transcripts augmented with measures of vocal expression.
  • It is essentially an API that is powered by its proprietary empathic large language model (eLLM).
  • This eLLM reportedly understands and emulates tones of voices and word emphasis to optimise human-AI conversations.
  • It is trained on human reactions to optimize for positive expressions like happiness and satisfaction. EVI will continue to learn from users’ reactions.
  • By processing the tune, rhythm and timbre of speech, EVI unlocks a variety of new capabilities, like knowing when to speak and generating more empathic language with the right tone of voice.