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Meaty Rice

Meaty Rice:

Scientists at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, are working on putting grown beef cells into rice grains.

  • This is a groundbreaking use of new food technologies that is changing the world. The goal of this new invention, called “meaty rice,” is to be a more environmentally friendly source of protein that doesn’t involve raising animals.
  • This could completely change the way food is produced around the world.
  • In this process, fish gelatine is spread over a rice grain to help the injected beef cells stick.
  • After that, these grains are grown in a Petri dish for about 11 days so that the cells can multiply.
  • Professor Hong Jin-kee uses the fact that rice has a slightly open structure to his advantage.
  • This makes it a great place for cells to grow evenly inside the grain.
  • This new method gets rid of the need to kill animals, which addresses the moral issues that come with eating meat.
  • In addition, the meaty rice is meant to leave a much smaller carbon footprint than standard beef production.
  • It gives off a lot less carbon dioxide for every 100 grams of protein it makes, which makes it a more environmentally friendly choice.