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New Bridge: India & Nepal

New Bridge: India & Nepal

The Union Cabinet has cleared a plan to build a new bridge connecting India and Nepal over the Mahakali river and link Dharchula in Uttarakhand with Nepal’s Dharchula.

  • The bridge will be completed within three years. It will strengthen the relationship between the two countries.
    India and Nepal share unique ties of friendship and cooperation.
  • The construction of the bridge will help people living in Dharchula in Uttarakhand and in the territory of Nepal.

Mahakali River:

  • It is also known as Sharda river or Kali Ganga in Uttarakhand.
  • It joins Ghagra river in Uttar Pradesh, which is a tributary of Ganga.
  • River Projects: Tanakpur hydro-electric project, Chameliya hydro-electric project, Sharda Barrage.