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Open-RAN Architecture

Open-RAN Architecture:

The Ministry of Communications has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with M/s VVDN Technologies Private Limited to facilitate registered startups, innovators and MSMEs working in the field of Open RAN (Radio Access Network) to get their product tested at the existing lab of M/s VVDN.

  • Such testing certification shall accelerate the research innovation in domestic design and manufacturing.
  • It is aimed that India shall be emerging as a design leader in 5G/O-RAN.
  • This test certification eco system will make India as design testing and certification hub of Asia.


  • Open-RAN is not a technology, but rather an ongoing shift in mobile network architecture that allows networks to be built using subcomponents from a variety of vendors.
  • O-RAN has an open, multi-vendor architecture for deploying mobile networks, as opposed to the single-vendor proprietary architecture.
  • O-RAN uses software to make hardware manufactured by different companies work together.
  • The key concept of Open RAN is “opening” the protocols and interfaces between the various subcomponents (radios, hardware and software) in the RAN.

Radio Access Network (RAN):

  • It is the part of a telecommunications system that connects individual devices to other parts of a network through radio connections.
  • A RAN resides between user equipment, such as a mobile phone, a computer or any remotely controlled machine, and provides the connection with its core network.
  • As a technical matter this is what the industry refers to as a disaggregated RAN.