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Sowa Rigpa

Sowa Rigpa:


It is a traditional system of medicine practised in the Himalayan belt of India.

  • It originated in Tibet and popularly practiced in countries namely, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Russia.
  • The majority of theory and practice of Sowa-Rigpa is similar to “Ayurveda”.
  • Yuthog Yonten Gonpo from Tibet is believed to be the father of Sowa Rigpa.
  • The basic theory of Sowa-Rigpa may be adumbrated in terms of the following five points:
    • The body in disease as the locus of treatment.
    • Antidote, i.e., the treatment.
    • The method of treatment through antidote.
    • Medicine that cures the disease.
    • Materia Medica, Pharmacy & Pharmacology.