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The Council Of The European Union

The Council Of The European Union:

The Council of the European Union approved conclusions on a European Union strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific to reinforce its strategic focus to contribute to regional stability at a time of “rising challenges and tensions in the region.

  • The Council tasked the High Representative and the Commission with putting forward a Joint Communication on cooperation in the Indo-Pacific by September 2021.
  • The EU will aim to promote effective rules-based multilateralism, reiterating its support for ASEAN (Association of southeast Asian Nations) centrality, a point also stressed by India.
  • The Council of the European Union is the third of the seven institutions of the European Union (EU) as listed in the Treaty on European Union.
  • It is one of three legislative bodies and together with the European Parliament serves to amend and approve the proposals of the European Commission, which holds the legislative initiative.
  • It was founded on 1 July 1967.