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Tobacco Control : WHO Report

Tobacco Control : WHO Report

The new WHO report on tobacco control highlights global progress, including the implementation of MPOWER measures.

  • MPOWER measures are tobacco control strategies developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008. They include:
    • M=Monitor tobacco use
    • P=Protect people from tobacco smoke
    • O=Offer help to quit tobacco
    • W=Warn about tobacco dangers
    • E=Enforce bans on tobacco advertising
    • R=Raise taxes on tobacco products

Key highlights of the Report:

  • Global Smoking Decline Worldwide, with 300 million fewer smokers today, the prevalence of smoking declined from 22.8% (2007) to 17% (2021)
  • Over 5 billion people (71% of the global population) are protected by at least one MPOWER measure
  • The number of countries implementing at least one MPOWER measure increased from 44 (2008) to 151 (2022).
  • Only 4 counties (Brazil, Turkey, Netherlands, and Mauritius) have implemented all measures.
  • Warning WHO warns against the aggressive promotion of e-cigarettes as a safer alternative, especially for youth
  • Second-hand smoke exposure is linked to over 1 million non-smoker deaths annually, various health issues
  • India excels in health warning labels and tobacco dependence treatment; bans sale of e-cigarettes
    27% reduction in smoking in public places in Bengaluru due to enforcement and communication efforts
  • Need for warnings on OTT platforms, stronger enforcement, bans on loose cigarette sales, and increased fines; Bans on tobacco advertising can minimize its consumption
  • Efforts to reduce second-hand smoking through smoke-free public areas and awareness campaigns