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Tool-Using Fish Species Found In The Laccadive Sea

Tool-Using Fish Species Found In The Laccadive Sea:

Three fish species that live in the Laccadive Sea off the southwest corner of the Indian coast, capable of using tools, were recently found.

  • Laccadive Sea also known as the Lakshadweep Sea, it is a body of water bordering India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.
  • It Boundaries to its south, the Lakshadweep Sea touches the Nine Degree Channel.,to its west, it meets the larger Indian Ocean that it is also a part of. to the north, the Lakshadweep Sea meets the Arabian Sea (also part of the Indian Ocean), while to the northeast, it borders the Kerala state of India.
  • Along the more southern eastern portion of the Lakshadweep Sea, it meets the Maldives islands and Sri Lanka.
  • The Lakshadweep Sea is only half as deep as the average depth of the entire Indian Ocean. This warm sea has a stable water temperature throughout the year and is rich in marine life.
  • Major cities along its shores include Trivandrum and Kochi in India, Quilon and Colombo in Sri Lanka and Malé in the Maldives.