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US Congressional Report On Terrorism

US Congressional Report On Terrorism:

The US Congressional report on terrorism stated that Pakistan is home to at least 12 groups designated as Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO).

  • The report named Terrorist and Other Militant Groups in Pakistan, released by the bipartisan research wing of US Congress in the Quad summit 2021.
  • Earlier, in February 2021, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) had decided to retain Pakistan on the greylist.
  • Pakistan has continued to serve as a safe haven for certain regionally focused terrorist groups, and has allowed groups targeting Afghanistan as well as groups targeting India to operate from its territory.
  • Pakistan’s neighbours, including Afghanistan and India, and the US have long accused Islamabad of providing safe haven and support to militants.
  • The groups operating in Pakistan can be broadly categorised into five types:
    • Globally-oriented
    • Afghanistan oriented
    • India- and Kashmir-oriented
    • Domestically oriented
    • Sectarian (anti-Shia).