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What are Green Term Loans?

What Is Green Term Loan?

NTPC Renewable Energy (NTPC-REL), a subsidiary of NTPC, has signed its first Green Term Loan agreement for installation of Solar Projects in Rajasthan & Gujarat.

  • NTPC-REL is also constructing India’s largest single local solar power park of 4.75 GW in Kutch.
  • NTPC is taking various steps to make its energy portfolio greener by adding significant capacities of renewable energy sources.

About ‘Green Loan’:

  • A green loan is a form of financing that seeks to enable and empower businesses to finance projects which have a distinct environmental impact, or rather, which are directed towards financing ‘green projects’.
  • It will help raise corporate value, by demonstrating that they are actively promoting Green Projects by procuring Green Loans, which could possibly earn them public acceptance.
  • This will also help in fulling Corporate Social Responsibility targets.
  • By providing Green Loans, lenders can support the realization of the environmental benefits that contribute to creating a sustainable society, while simultaneously gaining returns on their lending.
  • An increase in Green Loans and Green Deposits will enhance individual awareness of Green Loans.
  • An increase in Green Loans is expected to increase private funds in Green Projects, contributing to the substantial reduction of GHG (GreenHouse Gas) emissions and the prevention of degradation of natural capital.
  • The promotion of Green Projects can lower energy costs, strengthen energy security, revitalize the regional economy, and enhance resilience in the event of disasters.