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India’s Crude Oil Production And Natural Gas Output Declined

India’s Crude Oil Production And Natural Gas Output Declined: According to the latest government data India’s crude oil production and natural gas output declined in the Financial Year (FY) 2020-2021. India’s crude oil and natural gas production have been falling consistently since 2011-12. Decline in Production: Crude Oil Production: Declined by 5.2% as private and […]

Brucellosis Disease : Important Points

Brucellosis: Kerala launched preventive measures after a few cases of brucellosis, a zoonotic infection, have been detected in some dairy animals. Earlier in September 2020 Brucella abortus S19Δ per vaccine” was developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s -Indian Veterinary Research Institute (ICAR-IVRI) for brucellosis prevention in the dairy sector. Zoonotic Diseases: It is […]

AIM-PRIME Scheme : Important Points

AIM-PRIME: The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog launched AIM-PRIME (Program for Researchers on Innovations, Market-Readiness & Entrepreneurship). Atal Innovation Mission: AIM is the Government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. Objective: To develop new programs and policies for fostering innovation in different sectors of the […]

Armenian Genocide : Important Points

Armenian Genocide: US President Joe Biden is preparing to formally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. Every year, Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day will be marked on April 24. Armenian Genocide: The Armenian Genocide is often called the first genocide of the twentieth century. It refers to the systematic annihilation of Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire between […]