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1st National Conference of States on Logistics

1st National Conference of States on Logistics: Union Minister of Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal addressed the 1st National Conference of States on Logistics. He said that National Logistics Policy, which is under consultation, along with the National Logistics Council and State Logistics Coordination Committee, will work as a template for better coordination and integrated […]

Who Are Shadow Entrepreneurs?

Shadow Entrepreneurs: There has been a global rise of shadow entrepreneurship, in various sectors such as education (certificates), finance (for easy loans), the betting economy (online games) and healthcare (e-pharmacies). Shadow entrepreneurs are individuals who manage a business that sells legitimate goods and services but they do not register their businesses. This means that they […]

Systemically Important Banks (SIBs)

Systemically Important Banks (SIBs): The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has retained State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank as Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) or banks that are considered as “too big to fail”. Systemically Important Banks (SIBs): Some banks, due to their size, cross-jurisdictional activities, complexity, lack of substitutability and interconnectedness, […]

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code : Constitutional Validity

Constitutional Validity of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code The Supreme Court (SC) has upheld the constitutional validity of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) (Amendment) Act, 2020. In its August 2019 order, the SC had upheld the government decision to grant home-buyers the status of financial creditors. Financial creditor: It means any person to whom […]