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Cassiopeia A

Cassiopeia A:

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope captured never-before-seen detail of Cassiopeia A (Cas A).

  • Cassiopeia A is a remnant of a massive star that exploded some 340 years ago.
  • It is the youngest remnant off a the massive star in our galaxy known to mankind.
  • Cas A belongs to the prototypical type of supernova remnant and has been extensively studied by a number of ground-based and space-based observatories,
  • The remnant spans about 10 light-years and is located 11,000 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia.
  • It gives information related to the supernovae phenomenon and its complexities
  • Supernova explosion is the explosion of a star and is the largest explosion that takes place in space.
  • It happens when there is a change in the core, or center, of the star. A change can occur in two different ways, with both resulting in a supernova.