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Chandrayaan-2: New Developments

Chandrayaan-2: New developments:

Chandrayaan-2, hovering over the Moon, has found new developments on the hot outermost layer of the bright star known as Corona.

These include:

  • Abundances of magnesium, aluminium and silicon in the solar corona.
  • Around 100 microflares were observed, providing new insights about coronal mass heating.
  • Reasons behind coronal heating problem:
    • The corona emits ultraviolet, X-rays and consists of ionised gas at temperatures exceeding 2 million degrees
    • Fahrenheit, while just 1,000 miles below, the surface known as the photosphere simmers at just 10,000 degrees
    • Fahrenheit. This mysterious difference in temperatures is called the coronal heating problem.
  • As per the latest findings, the high temperatures could be due to strong magnetic fields present above the Sunspots (dark patches seen in visible images of the Sun).

Chandrayaan-2 Mission:

  • The Chandrayaan-2 mission, which was lost after it hard landed on the dark side of the Moon in 2019, remains active in the form of its orbiter hovering over the Moon.