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Global Partnership On Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit

Global Partnership On Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit:

The Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit.

  • India is the lead chair of GPAI in 2024.
  • The GPAI is an alliance of 28 countries; the European Union adopted the ‘New Delhi Declaration’ of the GPAI.

Highlights of the GPAI Summit:

  • The Prime Minister of India discussed the national AI portal, highlighting the AIRAWAT initiative and raising concerns over the potential misuse of deep fake technology.
  • YUVAi was prominently featured at the GPAI Summit, and the winners of the YUVAi initiative and start-ups showcased their AI models and solutions.
  • The Prime Minister suggested using AI to make digital services available in local languages to increase digital inclusion.
  • Responsible AI, data governance, future of work, and innovation and commercialization are the four different themes of four sessions organized in the GPAI.
  • The summit also included various side events showcasing AI progress and engaging in discussions, such as industry panel discussions, workshops, research symposiums, hackathons, and the Global AI Expo.