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IRIS-T Surface-Launched-Missile (SLM) System

IRIS-T Surface-Launched-Missile (SLM) System:

European Union and NATO members Estonia and Latvia will soon begin negotiations with Germany’s Diehl Defence for the purchase of IRIS-T SLM air defence system.

  • IRIS-T Surface-Launched-Missile (SLM) system is the medium-range version of the IRIS-T SL air defense missile system designed and produced by the German company Diehl Defense.
  • The system provides comprehensive 360° protection against aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and guided weapons.
  • It enables simultaneous engagement of multiple targets from very short to medium-range within extremely brief reaction times.
  • It is suited for both mobile and stationary deployment.
  • Each system comprises three vehicles: a missile launcher, a radar, and a fire-control radar, with integrated logistics and support.