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Kateel Yakshagana Mela

Kateel Yakshagana Mela:

A century-old Yakshagana mela in Dakshina Kannada will resume its all-night performances following approval from the Karnataka High Court.

  • Kateel Yakshagana mela is a famous Yakshagana troupe started in the mid-19th century.
  • The Yakshagana troupe, Kateel Sri Durgaparameshwari Yakshagaana Dashavatara Mandali, popularly known as Kateel Mela is an important ‘Harake Seva’ (hosting the Yakshagana show for God fulfilling a wish) troupe.
  • It performs on request by devotees who have taken a vow (Harake) to arrange a show of Yakshagana for fulfilment of a desire or as a service.
  • Yakshagana is a traditional folk-dance form popular in Coastal Karnataka.
  • It is a rare combination of dance, music, song, scholarly dialogues and colourful costumes.
  • Traditionally, men portray all roles, including the female ones, though women are now part of Yakshagana troupes.
  • A typical troupe consists of 15 to 20 actors and a Bhagawatha,who is the master of ceremonies and the main storyteller.