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Press And Registration Of Periodicals Bill, 2023 : Passed In Parliament

Press And Registration Of Periodicals Bill, 2023 : Passed In Parliament

The Parliament has passed the Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023, simplifying the title allotment and registration process for periodicals.

  • The new law aims to expedite the title registration process, reducing the time from 2-3 years to just 60 days, benefiting small and medium publishers.
  • The Press Registrar General will play a key role in fast-tracking the process, eliminating the need for publishers to file declarations with local authorities.


  • Grant of Title Allotment and Certificate of Registration for Periodicals Introduces a simple online mechanism for title verification and registration simultaneously.
  • Eliminates the need for furnishing declarations or authentication by local authorities.
  • Prohibits individuals convicted of offences involving terrorism or activities against state security from publishing periodicals.
  • Allows printing facsimile editions of foreign periodicals in India with prior Central Government approval and registration with the Press Registrar General.
  • Facsimile editions refer to exact reproductions or copies of an original publication, typically a book, document, or periodical.
  • Printing Presses Requires printers to provide online intimation to the Press Registrar General and local authorities.
  • Removes the obligation for printers to file declarations or obtain authentication from authorities.
  • Role of District Magistrate/Local Authority District Magistrate/local authority plays a minimal role in the grant of Certificate of Registration and title allotment.
  • District Magistrate provides comments/No Objection Certificate to the Press Registrar General within 60 days of receiving an application.
  • Press Registrar General can proceed with the registration decision even if comments/No Objection Certificate are not received within 60 days.
  • Eliminates the requirement for publishers to file declarations before the District Magistrate.
  • The current PRPB Act 1867 was aimed at curbing what the British Government thought was the role of the press in the “revolt of 1857”. It was introduced during the Viceroyship of Lord John Lawrence (1864-1869)