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Purse Seine Fishing

Purse Seine Fishing:

Certain coastal states had imposed a ban on purse seine fishing. But the central government has criticized the move and said it is unjustified.

  • A purse seine is made of a long wall of netting framed with floating and leadline and having purse rings hanging from the lower edge of the gear, through which runs a purse line made from steel wire or rope which allows the pursing of the net.
  • Purse-seine fishing in open water is generally considered to be an efficient form of fishing
  • It has no contact with the seabed and can have low levels of bycatch (accidental catch of unwanted species)
  • Purse seines can also be used to catch fish congregating around fish aggregating devices
  • This mode of fishing has not resulted in any serious resource depletion so far, given the available evidence”.
  • Purse-Seine fishing is known to harm endangered species. As this mode of fishing uses a wide net to draw in not only targeted fish but also at risk varieties, including turtles.
  • Expert panel recommended purse seiners fish in territorial waters and the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) subject to certain conditions.