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Ranked-Choice Voting For Mayoral Polls: New York City

Ranked-Choice Voting For Mayoral Polls: New York City:

New York city used ranked-choice voting for Mayoral Polls.

  • The method allows voters to rank candidates by preference rather than selecting just their top choice. New York City is having voters rank their top five — though voters are not required to choose five.
  • Ranking candidates is far more complicated, but advocates believe it is fairer and more accurately reflects the collective will of the majority.
  • If someone gets 50% plus one after all the first-choice votes are counted, then the election is over and that candidate wins.
  • But if no one gets 50% plus one, it’s on to Round 2.
  • The person with the lowest number of first-place votes is eliminated, and that candidate’s voters’ second choices get redistributed as votes for other candidates.
  • This reallocation of votes goes on until someone reaches 50% plus one.