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Ro-Pax And Passenger Ferries

Ro-Pax And Passenger Ferries:

Government of India has directed all Major Ports to exempt all berth hiring and vessel-related charges being currently levied to the Ro-Pax and Passenger Ferries for the next six months with immediate effect.

  • The decision has been taken to provide some quick respite to Port sector from the impact of Global increase in price of fuel.
  • The cost of Marine fuel – Low Sulphur High Flash High Speed Diesel has increased from 76 thousand rupees per Kiloliter to one lakh 21 thousand rupees per Kiloleter.
  • The rising fuel cost at international level is now making the local Ro-Pax and Passenger Ferry operations unviable.
  • Exemption of vessel and port related charges will provide the necessary breather to this sector for the next six months.