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What Is Crop Diversification?

Crop Diversification:

A top agriculture economist has suggested that the best chance of Crop Diversification is through animal agriculture/animal husbandry.

  • Crop diversification refers to the addition of new crops or cropping systems to agricultural production on a particular farm taking into account the different returns from value-added crops with complimentary marketing opportunities.
  • Cropping System: It refers to the crops, crop sequences and management techniques used on a particular agricultural field over a period of years.
  • Types: Major cropping systems in India are sequential-cropping, monocropping, intercropping, relay Cropping, mixed-cropping, and alley cropping.
  • Many farmers also use the mixed crop-livestock system to increase their standards of living and income.
  • Animal husbandry or Animal Agriculture is the branch of science dealing with the practice of breeding, farming and care of farm animals (livestocks) such as cattle, dogs, sheep and horses by humans for advantages.
  • It refers to livestock raising and selective breeding. It is a branch of agriculture.


  • Increase Income on Small Land Holding
  • Economic Stability
  • Mitigating Natural Calamities
  • Balance Food Demand
  • Conservation