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Fugitive Economic Offender

Fugitive economic offender:   UK High Court has granted fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi permission to appeal against a magistrates’ court order, in favour of extradition to India to face charges of fraud and money laundering before the Indian courts, on mental health and human rights grounds. The U.K.’s Home Department, in April 2020, approved […]

Jezero Crater on Mars: Perseverance Rover

NASA’s Perseverance rover: NASA’s Perseverance rover is exploring the Jezero Crater on Mars and attempting to collect its first rock samples. However, no rock samples were collected during the first attempt. About Perseverance Rover: It was launched in 2020 aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V. It carried a unique instrument, MOXIE or Mars Oxygen […]

Marburg Virus : Important Points

Marburg Virus:   West Africa’s first case of the extremely contagious and deadly Marburg virus was confirmed in Guinea. Its first case was first identified just two months after the country was declared free of Ebola. Both the Marburg case and this year’s Ebola cases were detected in Guinea’s Gueckedou district. The first cases of […]

NMEO-OP: National Edible Oil Mission – Oil Palm

National Mission on Edible Oil-Oil Palm: The Prime Minister has announced a new national initiative on palm oil production to help increase farm incomes. The scheme, called National Edible Oil Mission-Oil Palm (NMEO-OP), for self-reliance in edible oil involves investment of over Rs. 11,000 crore (over a five year period). Aims: To harness domestic edible […]

When is World Lion Day Celebrated?

World Lion Day (August 10): The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has greeted all those passionate about lion conservation on World Lion Day (August 10). Lions, listed as “vulnerable” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, have lost a vast majority of their habitat — and resultantly their population […]

National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE)

National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE).: Union Minister for Power informed Rajya Sabha about the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE). NMEEE consists of four initiatives to enhance energy efficiency in energy intensive industries which are as follows: Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme aims at reducing Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) i.e. energy […]

SMILE Scheme For Beggars

Schemes For Beggars: The Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment informed Parliament about SCHEMES FOR BEGGARS. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has formulated a scheme “SMILE – Support for Marginalized Individuals for Livelihood and Enterprise”, which includes sub scheme – ‘Central Sector Scheme for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of persons engaged in the […]