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Operation Samudra Setu-II

Operation Samudra Setu-II: Indian Navy has launched Operation Samudra Setu-II to augment the ongoing national mission for meeting the Oxygen requirements. Mission deployed Indian Naval warships will undertake shipment of liquid Oxygen filled cryogenic containers and associated medical equipment in support of the nation’s fight against COVID-19. Two ships INS Kolkata and INS Talwar have […]

Sustainable Livelihoods For Tribal Households in India: TRIFED

Sustainable Livelihoods For Tribal Households in India: TRIFED has now entered into a collaborative project titled “Sustainable Livelihoods For Tribal Households in India” with The LINK Fund, a philanthropic operational foundation that is mandated to eradicate extreme poverty and mitigate the effects of climate change. TRIFED and The LINK Fund have entered into an MoU […]

Scheme of Financial Assistance to States for Capital Expenditure

Scheme of Financial Assistance to States for Capital Expenditure: The Ministry of Finance, Government of India has decided to provide an additional amount of up to Rs. 15,000 crore to States as interest-free 50-year loan for spending on capital projects. The Department of Expenditure has issued fresh guidelines in this regard on the “Scheme of […]

Positron And Positron Excess Phenomenon

Positron And Positron Excess Phenomenon: Researchers from the Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bengaluru, have resolved the mystery of the antimatter counterpart of the electrons called Positron and Positron Excess Phenomenon. RRI is an autonomous institution of the Department of Science and Technology. Antimatter is the opposite of normal matter. More specifically, the sub-atomic particles of […]

Ceasefire On The Border Between Kyrgyzstan And Tajikistan

Kyrgyzstan And Tajikistan: A ceasefire on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan appeared to be held after a day of intense fighting between the two countries that have killed about 40 people and wounded about 175. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan belong to the central Asia region. Other countries of the region are Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. […]

The Vande Bharat Mission: Largest Evacuations Of Civilians By A Country

The Vande Bharat Mission:: The Vande Bharat Mission (VBM), which started repatriating Indians stranded abroad due to Covid-19 and the resultant lockdowns since May 2020, has become one of the largest evacuations of civilians by a country. Vande Bharat Mission (VBM): It is the biggest civilian evacuation exercise to bring back Indian citizens stranded abroad […]