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MACS 1407: Variety of Soybean

MACS 1407: Variety of Soybean: Indian Scientists have developed a high-yielding and pest-resistant variety of soybean. This newly developed variety called MACS 1407 is suitable for cultivation in the states of Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and North-Eastern states and its seeds will be made available to farmers for sowing during the 2022 Kharif season. […]

Global Immunization Strategy

Global Immunization Strategy: An UN-led global immunization strategy was unveiled to reach more than 50 million children who have missed lifesaving jabs against measles and other diseases because of COVID-19 disruption. WHO, along with UNICEF and the vaccine alliance Gavi, said their new global strategy has the potential to save 50 million lives within less […]

Net Zero Producers Forum 2021

Net Zero Producers’ Forum: Qatar, the US, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Norway have come together to form a cooperative forum that will develop pragmatic net zero-emission strategies. These countries are collectively responsible for 40% of global oil and gas production. The Net Zero Producers’ Forum will consider strategies and technologies which include “methane abatement, advancing […]

United Nations Global Forest Goals Report 2021

United Nations’ Global Forest Goals Report 2021: According to the United Nations’ Global Forest Goals Report 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the challenges faced by countries in managing their forests. The Report has been prepared by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. It provides an initial overview of the […]