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World’s First Portable Disaster Hospital

World’s First Portable Disaster Hospital: India has built the world’s first portable disaster hospital, called the “Aarogya Maitri Cube”. The hospital can be airlifted and assembled into 72 cubes that contain essential medical equipment and supplies. The cubes can support 200 survivors for 48 hours during natural disasters or crises. It has been developed indigenously […]

Adopt a Heritage 2.0

Adopt a Heritage 2.0: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has launched a revamped version of the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ program, along with an Indian Heritage app and an e-permission portal. This updated program encourages corporate stakeholders to utilize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to enhance facilities at historically important monuments. It also provides […]

Gujarat Declaration : WHO

Gujarat Declaration : WHO World Health Organization (WHO) has released the outcome document of the first WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit 2023 in the form of the “Gujarat Declaration”. India hosted the first WHO Global Traditional Medicine Centre in Gujarat. The declaration reaffirmed global commitments towards indigenous knowledge, biodiversity and traditional, complementary and integrative medicine. […]

Kinzhal Missile

Kinzhal Missile: The first Su-34 multipurpose bomber aircraft crew to have fired a Kinzhal missile on Ukraine was recently presented with state awards. Kinzhal Missile: The Kh-47M2, nicknamed “Kinzhal” (Dagger), is a nuclear-capable, Russian air-launched hypersonic ballistic missile. It was one of six “next generation” weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a speech […]


PM-DAKSH Yojana: During 2020-21 to 2022-23, a total of 107,156 beneficiaries have been trained under the PM-DAKSH Yojana. The Pradhan Mantri Dakshata Aur Kushalata Sampanna Hitgrahi (PM-DAKSH) Yojana is a Central Sector Scheme. It was launched during 2020-21. The main objective of the Scheme is to enhance the competency level of the target groups to […]

Tharosaurus indicus : Dinosaur Fossils

Tharosaurus indicus : Dinosaur Fossils In a paper published recently, scientists from IIT Roorkee have characterised dinosaur fossils from the Middle Jurassic period found in the Thar desert near the Jaisalmer Basin by the Geological Survey of India Tharosaurus indicus belongs to the family Dicraeosauridaeand from the superfamily Diplodocoidea. These fossils are the first dicraeosaurid […]