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Draft Cycling Policy of Chandigarh

Draft Cycling Policy:Chandigarh:

Chandigarh’s recently released first-of-its-kind draft cycling policy.

  • It is for the first time that a city has drafted a cycling policy in India. The policy has been drafted by the Chandigarh Smart City Limited.

Highlights of the Draft:

  • Safe refuge points equipped with panic buttons for women cyclists.
  • Parking space with roof outside offices.
  • Half-a-day earned leave for every seven days cycled to work.
  • The monetary incentive for a particular distance traveled.
  • Increase in non-motorized transport lanes to reduce fear of accidents.
  • Each government office/private body of all types must have a separate policy to encourage commuting to work by cycle.
  • To enhance safety, safe refuge points for women and persons with disabilities should be created by introducing 24X7 CCTV surveillance and panic buttons.