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Blood Donation

Blood Donation: India scripted a new world record of maximum number of blood donations in a single day on the occasion of the 72nd birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi under ‘Raktdaan Amrit Mahotsav’. This was the largest country-wide Blood Donation Drive. The campaign was aimed at increasing awareness regarding regular non-remunerated voluntary blood donations […]

East Asia Summit Economic Ministers Meeting

East Asia Summit Economic Ministers Meeting: Minister of Commerce and Industry, Anupriya Patel, attended East Asia Summit Economic Ministers’ Meeting in Siem Reap City of Cambodia. The meeting saw representation from all 10 ASEAN countries as well as eight partner countries including Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and the US. The […]

Ethereum : World’s Second Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

Ethereum : World’s Second Most Valuable Cryptocurrency Ethereum, the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency, has completed a significant software overhaul which promises to ramp up security of the cryptocurrency while claiming to cut down on its carbon footprint, nearly entirely. The revamp, known as ‘The Merge,’ will cast aside the need for crypto miners and […]

7th Eastern Economic Forum

7th Eastern Economic Forum: Russia hosted the 7th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) at Vladivostok. The forum is a platform for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses into Russia’s Far East (RFE). The EEF was established in 2015 to encourage foreign investments in the RFE. The EEF displays the economic potential, suitable business conditions and investment opportunities […]

Colour Revolutions

Colour Revolutions: Chinese President Xi Jinping on September 16 appealed to Russia, India, and other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) to cooperate with each other in order to prevent foreign powers from destabilising their countries by inciting “colour revolutions”. Colour revolutions refer to a series of uprisings that first began in former communist […]

SCO Summit 2022

SCO Summit 2022: The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit 2022 was held recently in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Samarkand declaration was signed by the member states. India takes over Presidency of the SCO for 2023. The Samarkand declaration advocated “commitment to peaceful settlement of differences and disputes between countries through dialogue and consultation”. They stress that the […]

Green Fins Hub

Green Fins Hub: The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), along with the UK-based charity Reef-World Foundation, launched the Green Fins Hub. Green Fins Hub is a global digital platform for diving and snorkeling operators worldwide. Green Fins is a proven conservation management approach implemented internationally by The Reef-World Foundation and the UNEP which leads to […]