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Quad Vaccine Partnership : First Summit Of The Leaders

First Summit Of The Leaders Of The QUAD:

The Prime Minister addressed the first summit of the leaders of the QUAD (Quadrilateral Framework). The meeting was hosted by the USA on a virtual platform.

  • Earlier in February 2021, the QUAD ministerial meeting discussed issues across Indo-Pacific and the military takeover in Myanmar.
  • QUAD is a grouping of India, the USA, Australia, and Japan that aims to safeguard the interests of democratic nations in the Indo-Pacific region and address global challenges.
  • Focus: On pressing crises, such as Covid-19, climate change, and emerging technologies.
  • Pledge: QUAD pledged to promote a free, open rules-based order, rooted in international law to advance security and prosperity and counter threats to both in the Indo-Pacific and beyond.

Quad Vaccine Partnership:

  • Agreed to ensure “equitable” access to vaccines to counter the pandemic.
  • Agreed to a plan to pool their financial resources, manufacturing capabilities, and logistical strengths.
  • Japan, the USA, and Australia will finance the vaccine initiative that India has welcomed.
  • Appreciated the Vaccine Maitri initiative (India’s Vaccine Diplomacy) of India.
  • Vaccine Maitri Initiative is an initiative launched by India to give Covid-19 vaccines to neighboring countries.

India’s Stand:

  • QUAD is united by its democratic values and will remain an important pillar of stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
    Called the meet an extension of the ancient Indian philosophy ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which regards the world as one family.

America’s Stand:

  • QUAD is not a military alliance or North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) equivalent, it is an opportunity to cooperate on economics, technology, climate, and security.
  • Maritime security, humanitarian, and disaster response are core to the QUAD agenda.
  • QUAD is going to be a vital arena for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Australia’s Stand:

  • QUAD grouping could be the start of a new, permanent and powerful regional grouping of like-minded democracies.

Japan’s Stand:

  • Acknowledged the new dynamism that QUAD has received because of the meeting of the top leaders of the member countries.
  • It will firmly advance its cooperation to realize a free and open Indo Pacific, and to make a tangible contribution to the peace, stability, and prosperity of the region, including overcoming Covid-19.