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Quarterly Employment Survey (QES): Second Round

Second Round Of The Quarterly Employment Survey (QES):

Union Labour and Employment Ministry released July-Sept. 2021 employment figures under the second round of the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES).

  • Nine sectors that account for about 85% of total employment in establishments with 10 or more workers hired two lakh more people in July-September 2021 compared to April-June 2021,
  • The estimated total employment in the nine selected sectors from the second round of QES (July-September, 2021) came out as 3.10 crore approximately, which is 2 lakh higher than the estimated employment (3.08 crore) from the first round of QES (April 1, 2021).
  • The report covers manufacturing, construction, trade, transport, education, health, accommodation and restaurants, IT/BPOs and financial services sectors.
  • The second QES report that covered 11,503 establishments said nearly 90% of the establishments had less than 100 workers, while 30% of the IT/BPO establishments had at least 100 workers.
  • The overall percentage of female workers stood at 32.1%, higher than 29.3% reported during the first round of QES.
  • Regular workers constitute 87% of the estimated workforce in the nine selected sectors, with only 2% being casual workers.
  • However, in the construction sector, 20% of the workers were contractual and 6.4% were casual workers.
  • It also said 5.6% of the total establishments had reported vacancies, a total of 4.3 lakh.
  • While most of the vacancies (65.8%) were for unspecified reasons, 23% were due to resignation and 11.7% due to retirement of employees.