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What is a a Legal Referendum in relation to Scotland?

Legal referendum:

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recently said she planned to hold a legal referendum on independence from Britain despite Westminster’s opposition, as an opinion poll showed a majority would vote yes.

  • The referendum for Scottish independence was held in 2014. Scotland had voted to remain in the UK.
  • The Act of Union between Scotland and England was signed on Jan. 16, 1707.
  • It came into effect on May 1 of that year, creating the United Kingdom of Britain.
  • The Scottish Parliament was dissolved, and a single Parliament was created at Westminster in London.
  • Scotland and England have a complicated history, but the short answer is that Scotland needed an economic boost.
  • The country’s finances were a mess after a failed attempt to establish a trading colony in Panama.
  • This unsuccessful scheme was conclusive evidence that Scotland’s future prosperity was best served by the union.
  • Those who support independence believe Scotland “would be richer” if it breaks from England.
  • Proponents of independence want Scotland to make its own decisions about how resources are controlled and money is invested.