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World Hydrography Day 2023

World Hydrography Day 2023:

Union Defence Minister recently visited the hydrography ship South Jetty, Indian Naval station Kochi on the eve of World Hydrography Day to support the sustainable use of the oceans.

  • World Hydrography Day is marked annually on June 21.
  • It is officially recognised and implemented by the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO).
  • It serves as a platform to highlight the crucial work carried out by hydrographers worldwide and to promote the significance of hydrography itself.
  • It aims to increase public awareness and understanding of hydrography’s role in ensuring safe and efficient navigation, sustainable marine resource management, and coastal zone development.
  • 2023 Theme: “Hydrography – underpinning the digital twin of the ocean.”

Hydrography :

  • It is the branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, lakes and rivers, as well as with the prediction of their change over time.
  • This is done mainly with specialised ships and boats operating echo sounders and sonars, but also using survey aircraft fitted with lasers.
  • Useful information can also be derived sometimes from satellite observations.
  • Hydrography also involves measuring the tide and the currents.
  • Unlike oceanography, hydrography will include shore features, natural and manmade, lights and towers that will aid in fixing a ship’s position, as well as the physical aspects of the sea and seabed.
  • The most well-known application of hydrographic information is for making the nautical charts that all mariners use for navigation.
  • Hydrographic information is required for the safe, efficient and sustainable conduct of every human activity that takes place in, on or under the sea.