Dairy Investment Accelerator

Dairy Investment Accelerator: The Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying (DAHD), Government of India, with a view to provide dedicated focus towards promoting & facilitating investments in the Indian Dairy sector, has setup Dairy Investment Accelerator under its Investment Facilitation Cell. This Investment Accelerator is a cross functional team constituted to serve as the interface […]

Green National Highway Corridor Project.

Green National Highway Corridor Project.: Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways informed Rajya Sabha about the status of Green National Highway Corridor Project. The Government had signed loan agreement with the World Bank to develop Green National Highway Corridors (GNHCP). The project include Upgradation of about 781 km length of various National Highways passing […]

Ethanol Blending

Ethanol Blending: Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas informed Lok Sabha about Ethanol Blending. The Notified National Policy on Biofuels – 2018, provided an indicative target of blending 20% ethanol in petrol by 2030. Ethanol Blending has Improved from 1.53% during Ethanol Supply Year 2013-14 to 7.93% ongoing ESY 2020-21 Ministry of Petroleum and […]

Startup India Showcase Platform

Startup India Showcase Platform.: 104 startups from different sectors have currently on boarded on the Startup India Showcase Platform. Startup India Showcase is an online discovery platform for the most promising startups of the country. These innovations span across various cutting-edge sectors such as Fintech, EntrepriseTech, Social Impact, HealthTech, EdTech, among others. Ecosystem stakeholders have […]

National Logistics Excellence Awards

National Logistics Excellence Awards.: With a view to turn the spotlight on the logistics sector, the Government today announced the launch of National Logistics Excellence Awards. The awards are in two categories, the first group includes logistics infrastructure/service providers and second one is for various user industries. The awards will highlight best practices including consolidation, […]

External Benchmarks Lending Rate

External Benchmarks Lending Rate: According to a recent RBI report on ‘Monetary transmission in India’, the share of outstanding loans linked to External Benchmarks Lending Rate (EBLR – like repo rate), increased from as low as 2.4% during September 2019 to 28.5% during March 2021. This increase in EBLR linked lending will contribute to significant […]

What are High-Altitude Balloons?

High-Altitude Balloons: The US has planned to transmit the Internet to the people in Cuba via high-altitude balloons when their government has blocked access. There is an ongoing protest in Cuba against long standing restrictions on rights, scarcity of food and medicines, and the government’s poor response to the Covid-19 pandemic. High Altitude Balloons for […]