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Shifting Health To The Concurrent List

Health Should Be Shifted To The Concurrent List: Fifteenth Finance Commission Chairman N.K. Singh said that health should be shifted to the Concurrent list under the Constitution. Presently, ‘Health’ is under the State List. He also pitched for a Developmental Finance Institution (DFI) dedicated to healthcare investments. Arguments for Shifting ‘Health’ to the Concurrent List: […]

Rules For Appointing Polling Agents : Latest Development

The rules For Appointing Polling Agents Changed: The Election Commission’s recent decision to change the rules for appointing polling agents has sparked off a debate in West Bengal. A polling agent is a person appointed as a representative of a political party as it is not possible for a candidate to be physically present at […]

ULPIN: 14-Digit Identification Number To Every Plot

14-Digit Identification Number To Every Plot Of Land In The Country: The Centre plans to issue a 14-digit identification number to every plot of land in the country within a year. It will subsequently integrate its land records database with revenue court records and bank records, as well as Aadhaar numbers on a voluntary basis, […]

Sixth Schedule Areas of Assam : Important Points

Sixth Schedule: The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) informed the Lok Sabha that “presently, there is no proposal to implement panchayat system in Sixth Schedule areas of Assam”. The Sixth Schedule of the Constitution protects tribal populations and provides autonomy to the communities through the creation of autonomous development councils that can frame laws […]

Appropriation Bill 2021 : Cleared By Lok Sabha

The Appropriation Bill: Cleared By Lok Sabha: The Lok Sabha has cleared the Appropriation Bill, allowing the Central government to draw funds from the Consolidated Fund of India for its operational requirements and implementation of various programs. The Bill was passed after Speaker Om Birla put it through guillotine, a legislative mechanism to approve the […]

What is Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)?

Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU): The President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) addressed Members of Parliament at the Central Hall of the Indian Parliament. IPU is an international organization of national parliaments. It was established in 1889 in Paris. It was founded by statesmen Frédéric Passy of France and William Randal Cremer of the United Kingdom. It […]

Fresh Election In Case Of NOTA Majority : Latest Status

NOTA (None Of The Above): The Supreme Court asked the Centre and the Election Commission of India to respond to a plea that fresh elections should be conducted in constituencies where the highest number of votes polled are NOTA (None Of The Above). The petition said candidates ‘rejected’ by voters should not be fielded again […]